.unthinking thoughts.

thoughts uncharted are mappable

through words spoken,

and courses of conduct.


.a record broken.

It takes a practiced ear to observe ones thoughts –

noting the ones which haunt; relentlessly playing the same unending track.

Pre-selecting a useful track has been the key from my heady prison;

anticipating the haunting as a prompt for the preferred.


R.B.A. (Right Breast Assault)

artwork: Kelly Hartland


is a form of abuse

upon self.


Repulsion In Red

Art work: Kelly Hartland 2009

The man

fearing his own heart

and tormented by the whispers there-in

became belligerent towards himself, then – others.

Eventually, perceiving treason within,

he murdered his own conscience.

~ Kelly Hartland


Thanks to technological advances,

we now have more time to use technology.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #8

Other people are not a source of peace or happiness;

but something deeper –

an experience of ourselves.

Yet, without other people,

we may not experience peace or happiness.

~ Kelly Hartland