.perspectively infinite.

– I hold my opinion loosely –

loosely in my hands and wait –

wait and watch for the truth –

the truth to filter through my fingers and fall –

fall to the ground,

where it can be kicked up and stirred –

stirred to settle; to settle into a foundation –

foundation worthy to be built upon.


just as I begin to dream –

to dream of a grand building,

I see a crack –

crack in the foundation.

I fall to my knees –

not in despair, but hope!

I look into the crack;

it takes time for my eyes to adjust to the new perspective…

and I see.

I see a vastness of particles –

particles of truth.

I focus all of who I am on just one particle –

knowing, with my new eyes; knowing – that this particle of truth,

is but a tiny aspect of the whole –

whole far greater than my comprehension.

Such is why,

 I hold my opinion loosely –




.messing with art.

The creative process flourishes

whilst on the brink of destruction.


.unexplored terrain.

There are endless journeys,

discoveries and mountains to conquer –

just within yourself!




If imitation is the quickest road to success,

couldn’t it also be the quickest path to deviation? 


.unthinking thoughts.

thoughts uncharted are mappable

through words spoken,

and courses of conduct.



revelation without devastation

equates to self-actualisation