.worn mirror.

If self-awareness

carries the assumption

that we see ourselves clearly,

can it not also

carry the assumption

that we see ourselves dimly,

with blind-spots?

Looking into the reflection

of a worn mirror.

Would not this realisation

move us to feel compassion for others

seeing them blinded by blind-spots?

What if this new self-awareness

led us to be humble?

Would not this kind of humility

be truly humane?


Contradiction #8

Other people are not a source of peace or happiness;

but something deeper –

an experience of ourselves.

Yet, without other people,

we may not experience peace or happiness.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #4

To attain happiness,

we must first risk becoming miserable.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #1

The more interesting our inner life –

the less interesting our semblance.

~ Kelly Hartland

Deep feelings

If to take offence

is 10% actuality and 90% actualised fear –

who is the offender?

~ Kelly Hartland


Kindness must first be at home

within, and for, ourselves

before it can be offered to another.

~ Kelly Hartland

Eluded pursuit

An eluded emotion will pursue –

a pursued emotion will elude.

~ Kelly Hartland

Conscious conscience

Enforced confession

bypasses the conscience.

~ Kelly Hartland