Battered Into Potential

The hard knocks in life

can give you

your most striking features.



An aphorism, I believe, should never be completely explained and/or unveiled by the author.  An aphorism is a wonderful tool to help us explore our own internal world, partly due to the aphorisms own incompleteness; allowing us to question and tease forward our own thoughts, beliefs and revelations. 

However, having said this, I have decided to share some of my thoughts and inspirations behind a few of my aphorisms; just as a way of sharing.  If you so choose, you can read on. 

I have often felt admiration for  those people who possess great depth and perception.
Or those comedians who make me laugh beyond what my body can sustain.
Musicians and visual artists! Oh, how our souls need you.
Actors who have a multitude of expressions and lives within them.
Authors who take us to unbelievable places; teaching us empathy in the most complex of ways.

These brilliant people often incite envy from the rest of us; their gifts seem so brilliant, so rare – these people seem lucky.

But here’s the catch – generally, these people have lived a life that has taken them to hell and back; not only that, these people found a way to stand upon their personal hell and announce victory.

I am certain, we would not wish for their incredible gifts if we could comprehend the price.


Life is an enigma –

when pieced together,

it crumbles into reality.



Contradiction #8

Other people are not a source of peace or happiness;

but something deeper –

an experience of ourselves.

Yet, without other people,

we may not experience peace or happiness.

~ Kelly Hartland

Deep feelings

If to take offence

is 10% actuality and 90% actualised fear –

who is the offender?

~ Kelly Hartland

Eluded pursuit

An eluded emotion will pursue –

a pursued emotion will elude.

~ Kelly Hartland


The hard knocks in life

can give us our strongest

and most striking features.

~ Kelly Hartland

Unexplored terrain

There are endless journeys,

discoveries and mountains to conquer –

just within yourself!

~ Kelly Hartland