About .hartland.

Have you ever lied to yourself?

If you do it for long enough, like I did, you may end up with a disorientated internal navigational system – that perhaps, may be likened to a ‘Compass With No Needle’.

From the age of 16, I became obsessed with finding the ‘truth’ within me. – the result? I began to place my thoughts, truths and opinions into as few words as possible, so I could recall them easily and re-evaluate them…often. Yes, obsessed. I kept this process and my writings a secret for more than 20 years. However, a few years ago I took my writings to a trusted and loved friend (who is a brilliant writer; R. I. Sutton – check out her website) who informed me that I am a writer of  ‘Aphorisms’.

So there you have it. My distortion is now my art form. Hmmm… could we assume the same with most artists I wonder?

Having summed up my writing for you, I’ll now tell you about my painting; painting was a fear I confronted in 2001. At the time, not much scared me more than the idea of painting.
I began by receiving tutoring from Jan Pagram in Pastels where I learned to achieve an effect close to photo realism.
I then went on to study, in theory only, Oil Painting under Lance McNeil. The McNeil Academy follows the purest method passed down from the Old Masters – Lance would cringe if he were to see my works! ‘Abstraction is pure folly!’ – I can just hear him now. Of course, I didn’t disclose to my teacher how I intended to use the tools he was teaching me.
I chose this method of study because I wanted to purely learn the tools with which to create – nothing more.  This style of study suited me, as it allowed me the ‘untouched head space’ to create from – sounds terribly arrogant doesn’t it? But, to be honest, I never excelled within the class room, so I chose not to subject myself to more of that kind of failing.

My aphorisms are the inspiration behind my paintings. I use charcoal and water on canvas – if you are a visual artist, you will know that charcoal and water don’t mix. I love the conundrum in this fact.
I really love to lose lines – dark into dark, light into light.

I tend to have a slight obsession with my painting process too  – the canvas must be beaten and scratched before I will create on it. My core belief here is – unless the canvas has gone through some sh*t, then it is unworthy to hold an opinion – and that’s what I do; I paint my opinion.

For whatever reason, I used to create only one work every three years; without even a sketch in between – what a naughty artist!
The first charcoal on canvas I created was ‘Compass With No Needle‘, followed by ‘Repulsion In Red‘, and finally ‘Right Breast Assault‘ – completing the series on abuse – finally. You can view them from the ‘Paintings‘ category.

I have just begun my new series about Consumerism. I am pleased to announce that it has only been seven months since my last work – rather than three years. I may become prolific yet… I hope.
I have placed one of my reference photo’s from a recent photo-shoot, as my header picture – you will spy me reclining inside a Shopping Trolley.
I would like to take this moment to give my photographer a plug – Geoffrey O’Donnell. You can view his many complex works, for he is practically a scientist – collodion wet plate and more, on his blog: thesilversunbeam.wordpress.com


118 thoughts on “About .hartland.

  1. Hi johnedoe 🙂 I’ve been well thanks.

    …yep… still just the two pics – I have REALLY got to get onto that, don’t I?!
    It’s such a great thing that people ARE interested – now I just have to shake opportunity’s hand with a firm grip, and take and post those pictures.

    How are you johnedoe?


  2. BAM.

    That’s how your mind works. Wedges itself in one full blow between the pretty little niceties we adorn ourselves with and the harsh abandoned deepnesses we spend our whole lives running from. Like a fly meets its death. In one swift final motion.

    I love the way your brain creates, and love it more for sharing.


  3. Hi Kelly. What an absolute joy I had today in discovering you and your blog. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I found myself wishing there was something to click on that was a higher rating than Like! Your thoughts and words have such a Universal message and they resonate in the hearts of all who are awake. I am truly looking forward to all my return visits. Namaste, and many thanks for all your share and for the difference you are making.


    • Hi Sandy, thank you 🙂 I’ve been well – I’ve had less access to the computer of late, hopefully now I will be a reliable blogger and blog visitor again.


  4. Hi,

    Thank-you for liking my beach shots. Cool blog. What is your tagline going to be? I had ‘just another…’ too for the longest time before I worked out I could personalise it! 🙂 Can’t remember exactly how I did that now, but it’s in the dashboard somewhere.


  5. It appears that your enthusiasm for art is abundant. Keep doing what you’re doing; there are too many that fall victim to personal resistance, and not follow through with their true passion. Resistance has the ability to rationalize and give us great reasons not to follow our dreams, but it is in the artist, the true artist, that knows, life is a constant creation. Keep creating.


  6. It is a constant battle, against self, that I fight in order to put charcoal to canvas. I finally did some more work today – on that ‘third piece’ that I referred to in this post – this post that was written in 2011!
    Any way… the point is, I did it – I worked. I need to do it. My art informs me.

    Thank you for your encouragement WB. 🙂 This is an area close to my heart.

    Cheers, K.


      • I did enjoy – they’re great! I love it that they’re yours too; you aught to put your name to them. So many people put quotes/aphorisms up that they haven’t written themselves, and don’t give the author credit – it would be too easy to assume that yours belong to another. 😀


  7. Hello Kelly! I’ve nominated your blog for The Clements Award for Outstanding Blog. No hassles and no strings attached. You don’t even have to do anything but simply to continue with what your are great at doing which is writing. Here’s what this award is all about: http://midsommereve.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/just-because-a-new-award/ and here’s where I thought of you when i conferred it: http://junsjazzimages.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/an-award-to-start-the-week/ Congratulations!


    • Cool question 🙂 I still see beauty, and I still look for colour within colour and delight in it.
      I think that the reason (I love that we cannot even be definite about ourselves…), and I’ve come up with a few thoughts on the ‘why’, is that perhaps at that particular time in my life I was trying really hard at everything. Marriage, motherhood, church, friendship – everything. When my marriage dissolved into reality after he physically left – reality became my anchor. I became more of my focus, and my paintings changed. Perfect, beautiful, surface, realism lost my interest; imperfect, ugly, deep, marred work became my focus. People now dominate my work. Their body language communicates my opinion – and it feels right. I love it!
      Thank you for asking bw, I love a good question.


  8. We could debate consciousness, identity, ego and creativity (not to mention “copyright” 😛 ) till the cows come home, but where would that take us? Ideas, images arise in my field of awareness, I write them down. Perhaps others read them.


    I wrote, now you read
    Feel the moment and we are
    One sizeless being


  9. HI KH – nice blog!

    “…that unless the canvas has gone through some sh*t, then it is unworthy to hold an opinion ” – hahaha 🙂

    Interesting.. but to extend on that reasoning… in order to appear pristine and pure and ready to receive one’s wisdom in expressed form.. the canvas has already been through a hell of a lot before it ever reached you.. and you still feel it necessary to abuse and debase it even more before it is ‘worthy’ of receiving your opinion….wow! 😉

    Aren’t perspectives amazing things?


  10. I’m just thinking of the poor little canvas’s mother… hasn’t she suffered enough? 😉

    When they say an artist has to suffer for their Art i didn’t think it was meant to be a 50/50 thing with the work itself, lol


    • Oh Bob… I am laughing so much my fingers are struggling to find ‘home’. 😀

      Obviously, I needed your perspective on this – I was ignorant to how my abuse was effecting others!
      I may need to get help though – the urge to whack that canvas is just so strong!


      • :Laughter is a balm for the troubled soul; a bursting forth of the joy we experience when excountering the unexpected and we see a flash of a hidden truth 🙂 ( by ‘me’ – as far as i know;-) )

        I also understand that urge – have you contacted AAA (Art Abusers Anonymous) yet?

        The first step is admitting you have the problem – well done!

        I would be happy to be your mentor and laughter consultant! 😉

        ( Glad you liked my posts too! )


      • What you’ve written about laughter is good; and true. I also read somewhere that it is our brain receiving a fright.

        Thanks for the mentor laughter consultant offer… however I’m still at the stage of admitting I have a problem – not sure I need AAA yet 😉


  11. You always know where you can find me if the urge ever gets too strong! 😉

    I’ll keep a pristine canvas handy – if you have to give in it’s better in a caring, supportive environment, you don’t have to do it alone! 🙂


  12. I love your aphorisms – i read one, then the next, then the next – they are awesome and though ‘little’ packages, they carry quite a bit of thought, feeling, a punch! I Iike you!


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