Contradiction #12

The question

can be of more consequence

than the answer.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #11




can be the same.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #9

Truth is not always found

in honesty.

~ Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #8

Other people are not a source of peace or happiness;

but something deeper –

an experience of ourselves.

And yet,

without other people,

we may not experience peace or happiness.

Kelly Hartland

Contradiction #5

Hope –

life’s bland without it;

reality’s distorted with it.

~ Kelly Hartland

Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Contradiction #14

My distrust in others

is directly proportionate with

my distrust in self;


my trust in self

is disproportionate with

my trust in others.

~ Kelly Hartland

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