Our hearts are our own stomping ground –

no-one but ourselves rule this sacred place.

This is our place of power.

~ Kelly Hartland

Naked assertion

There is nothing more revealing of one’s character –

than power.

~ Kelly Hartland

Place of power

It is time for women to stop striving for equality with men – this is ridiculous.

Let us seek to be the very nature of woman – perceivably one of the most feared creatures on earth. Do you doubt that we are feared? Look around at all the ways in which women have been suppressed – now tell me this is not due to fear.

Suppressed and distorted women only become more feared, because they are an unknown entity – unrecognisable, even to themselves.

Women, it is time to learn our true nature. Not by observing other women or men, but by looking within. To be attentive to our own heart thoughts.

Now is the time to strip bare our truth, and wrestle with it. Only by freeing ourselves can we free another.

Let us recognise why we do what we do, and then, with compassion as our filter – let us question ourselves again.

I am not saying let us strive to wield power over men – only the  insecure and sick seek such power.

I am saying, let us realise our own beauty, our own mystery, and our own selves. Let us honour our point of difference, whilst honouring the  point of difference that is man.

Let us live with a well-developed conscience founded on the solid ground of truth – unearthed in the quiet place.

Let us be women anchored in compassion for the men and women that have been dwelling in the slums of generational ignorance and fear.

Let us take responsibility for our own thoughts, attitudes, needs and desires. Let us not live in a place of victim-hood – passive and shrivelled.

Our hearts are our own stomping ground – no-one but ourselves rule this sacred place. This is our place of power.

~ Kelly Hartland.