Control is the tree

that bears the fruit of conflict.

~ Kelly Hartland

Whispered boundary

Education affords us

the illusion of freedom under authority.

~ Kelly Hartland

Bad practice?

Every dollar spent with a corporation

is an affirmative vote for their method of practice.

What are you voting for?

~ Kelly Hartland

Doctor’s – SOLD!

It is a corrupt system that sees Doctor’s

educated by the Pharmaceutical Companies.

~ Kelly Hartland

Veins of gold.

Medicinal dependence

is to a Pharmaceutical Company,

what interest is to a bank –


~ Kelly Hartland

Consequences?… Paid anyway.

We would be a healthier nation

if our Doctor’s only got paid

while we are well.

~ Kelly Hartland

… just, because.

The threatened,


~ Kelly Hartland

More so than sex…

Fear sells.

~ Kelly Hartland

Suppressed and distorted

Do you doubt that women are feared?

Look around at all the ways in which women have been suppressed –

now tell me this is not due to fear.

~ Kelly Hartland