In light of

Do we notice there are parts of ourselves

that can never be accessed?

We are a mystery beyond our own comprehension.

How can I judge myself?

How can I judge you?

If light were cast within, would our mental illumination reveal

shadows of hypocrisy?

Can we bear to see ourselves in this light?

Softened light need not blind us.

~ Kelly Hartland

Humanly humane

Harsh judgement of another

reveals ignorance towards self.

~ Kelly Hartland

Reflection projection

Judging another is like:

taking the broom of condemnation,

and heedlessly sweeping one’s own core-being;

only to reveal shards of looking-glass

beneath particles of ignorance.

~ Kelly Hartland

Limits apply

As we can barely comprehend

our own entirety;

how can we expect to judge another?

~ Kelly Hartland


If self-awareness carries the assumption

that we see ourselves clearly; can it not also carry the assumption

that we see ourselves dimly, with blind-spots? Like looking into

the reflection of a worn mirror.

Would not this realisation move us to feel compassion for others –

seeing them blinded by blind-spots?

What if this new self-awareness led us to be humble?

Would not this kind of humility be truly humane?

Kelly Hartland