Self deceiver

Deception –

hearing only what one hopes.

~ Kelly Hartland


Why do we not embrace the bitter,

as with the sweet?

The sadness,

as with the joy?


just like it is with colour,

the opposite intensifies the truth of the other.

~ Kelly Hartland

In light of

Do we notice there are parts of ourselves

that can never be accessed?

We are a mystery beyond our own comprehension.

How can I judge myself?

How can I judge you?

If light were cast within, would our mental illumination reveal

shadows of hypocrisy?

Can we bear to see ourselves in this light?

Softened light need not blind us.

~ Kelly Hartland


Unanswered prayer

has been a source of my increasing faith.

~ Kelly Hartland

Doctor’s – SOLD!

It is a corrupt system that sees Doctor’s

educated by the Pharmaceutical Companies.

~ Kelly Hartland

Boxed in

Religiosity is to faith,

what expectation is to hope.

~ Kelly Hartland


For a believer to represent God’s love to another,

they must first have had an experience of God’s love for themselves –

any other expression is a form of guilt and a source of pain.

~ Kelly Hartland

Free ownership

Let us take responsibility for our own thoughts, attitudes,

needs and desires.

Let us not live in a place of victim-hood –

passive and shrivelled; pointing the finger.

Here, freedom is born of ownership.

~ Kelly Hartland


Our hearts are our own stomping ground –

no-one but ourselves rule this sacred place.

This is our place of power.

~ Kelly Hartland