Respect sparks expectation;

expectation fuels respect –


expectation without respect, douses –

corroding both.


5 thoughts on “.respectation.

  1. I really like your paintings, almost look like black & white photos……..with great creativity.
    I paint as well, strictly an oil man. When I started out about 20 years ago (62 now, late starter) I tried watercolors. Did’t like it, couldn’t control it. Then I went to Acrylics, much better; did it for awhile until I experimented with Oil, it spoiled me, spread like soft butter.
    You are very talented, maybe I will learn from you. 🙂


    • Thank you Arlin.
      Oil’s are wonderful, there’s nothing quite like the magic of looking at a work created with oils… and then there’s the feeling of creating with them – I can imagine how easily you would of been spoiled. Good for you!
      I’m tempted to play with oils again – I have some pending idea’s that scream to be expressed with oils.
      Do you put your work up on your blog?


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