Conflict Of Interest


All conflict

is the direct result

of control



Further reading Optional:

An aphorism, I believe, should never be completely explained and/or unveiled by the author.  An aphorism is a wonderful tool to help us explore our own internal world, partly due to the aphorisms own incompleteness; allowing us to question and tease forward our own thoughts, beliefs and revelations. 

However, having said this, I have decided to share some of my thoughts and inspirations behind a few of my aphorisms; just as a way of sharing.  If you so choose, you can read on. 


I put a call out on facebook a few years ago when I was contemplating the truth of this potential aphorism. I challenged anyone to prove my theory wrong – I needed someone to prove me wrong, because fishing around in my head for alternate perspectives is a very limited exercise.
However, all who responded with a scenario, I was able to prove wrong through the filter of this perspective: Conflict will only arise if one or both parties try to control how the other ‘should’ think and/or behave.

My aphorisms are always up for evaluation to myself. Always – obsessively in fact (and if you’ve read the ‘about’ about me, then I feel you understand).

So, I welcome any scenario where you feel this does not apply – lets explore!



10 thoughts on “Conflict Of Interest

  1. Corollary: Conflict (sufferring) is the direct result of caring.

    I don’t believe however that ALL control leads to conflict. We all NEED some ‘control’ – and not necessarily just self-control.

    Nice to have something (other than war and hatred) to think about for a while! 🙂


    • I agree that caring is a huge factor.

      I also agree that ALL control doesn’t lead to conflict.

      But, if I were to remain loyal to the filter with which I’m viewing through; the aphorism: ‘All conflict is the direct result of control’, I may ask you bdto59, why is it that ‘Conflict (sufferring) is the direct result of caring.’? – just to be cheeky 😉

      Thanks for commenting by the way 🙂


      • Thank you for asking (would ‘caring’ be too great an assumption?) ;-)… and, You’re welcome!

        Simply put: if you do not care about some thing (one), then you cannot be hurt because of it.(them), hence if you don’t care, you don’t suffer and from that all sufferring follows from caring.

        Or to put it in another way: we are in conflict when what we care most about (would most wish for) is in reality in some way other than the way we wish. 🙂


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