Deep feelings

If to take offence

is 10% actuality and 90% actualised fear –

who is the offender?

~ Kelly Hartland

8 thoughts on “Deep feelings

    • The problem with offences, when they come, is that we tend to place a lot of focus on the offender. However if we take the time to listen to our quiet voice, we may find the reason we are offended, is because we believe what was said.
      With me – it’s not a 50/50 rule; I flat out offend myself 😉


      • The more I practice owning my own feelings, the more it becomes my choice as to whether someone else’s actions or words offend me.
        What if I became curious every time offence visited me? I would then see the offence as an ‘opportunity’ to know myself better, and be grateful… and uncomfortable of course 😉

        However, I see what you are saying – and it is good, at times, for people to give feedback to another on their behaviour – it becomes an opportunity for them also.


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