Eluded pursuit

An eluded emotion will pursue –

a pursued emotion will elude.

~ Kelly Hartland

8 thoughts on “Eluded pursuit

    • Is it understandable, Bert? I really should put more emphasis on whether it is understandable… but…. sometimes, I just enjoy the words more 🙂

      This aphorism was born out of a very profound alone (should I mention painful?) moment; I wrote it immediately.


      • No it’s very clear. I’m not a native english speaker. I had to check the morphology of ‘elude’ to be sure it means the same as what I had in mind. Illusion means ‘in the game’ and elusion would mean outside the game (like foul play) in Latin I once learned 40 years ago. Ludere means to play – and ex means out (like exit = go out)


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