The hard knocks in life

can give us our strongest

and most striking features.

~ Kelly Hartland

12 thoughts on “Clay

      • That’s lovely Al. I didn’t take it as conceited; I trust that you have observed something special about yourself while in the presence of others.
        We seem to find it hard to ‘name’ those positive aspects of ourselves, most of the time; but it’s nice if we know it.


      • Well, I like to help people. I mean, I could never be a counsellor as sometimes I don’t know the right things to say, but I will try and help drag people out of their pits. I have been there, god knows sometimes I am still there, but I will throw people a torch to find their way in the dark. I will walk beside them as they are going through hell, and I will carry them when they can no longer go on.

        When I was going to give up my blog last week, and I received messages off of people telling me not to, I received a DM off of someone on twitter telling me that some of my posts stopped them from committing suicide. To me, that is the biggest reward I can have.,


  1. An artist was once asked how he created such great sculptures and he replied: I take a lump of marble and throw it down a staircase, what remains at the end of the stairs is art.

    The same applies to life, you fall down, you get up and what is left is you, its art, its life.


    • Nice one J! Your comment had me thinking; I can relate to it – those hard knocks that did knock the air out of my lungs left me with the parts of myself that is real and raw; those ‘extra bits’ just fell away. Those extra bits were, in fact, just hiding me away.
      Thanks J πŸ™‚


  2. lovely and wise, as usual, Kelly. seems to me most of us find ourselves at some moment or another resting on the ropes … a sucker punch we don’t remember ever having seen. xo tony


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