Colour in the grey

When one accepts great pain into one’s heart

and allows it to meld with grace,

the heart is then primed to comprehend all nuances of feeling –

feelings worthy of celebration.

~ Kelly Hartland

10 thoughts on “Colour in the grey

    • I used to walk around in, what I can only describe as, inside a bubble. No pain came in – I thought it was my super power. But then this super power started to hurt me; I couldn’t feel love coming in, nor could I send it out.
      So I began to practice letting pain come in; I didn’t ‘judge’ the pain, I just let it be felt, I recognised that while I couldn’t feel pain I also couldn’t feel joy.

      I don’t know what it is that is going on in your life right now, but I hope that kindness and grace towards yourself is, or becomes, a part of it. *Hugs* to you, words!


  1. I’m always afraid that if I accept pain in my heart it will take up residence there and start throwing parties and bar b ques and invite all the neighbors. Maybe you’re way of looking at it is better.


    • I always smile while reading your comments Trinity 🙂
      Pain is a biggie.
      I really am overdue to visit you actually. I remember from reading some of your posts that during the re-telling of something, you had a balanced way of seeing the problem; but you were able to keep that a subtle point – which was where I thought your humour came into play 😀
      Visiting you… NOW.


  2. Ahhhh…. the melding is the catch many fumble with.

    Is hard to make room for the Grace when your heart and mind is overly full of pain. How can Grace get a toe in? Any ideas?


    • You’re right Bob, the melding is the hardest part.
      One of the ways that has worked for me so far is… wow – this could be a long response…
      … okay – here goes; I’ll work backwards… humility; knowing that I am fallible, and therefore understanding how easily others are too. This helps with the self talk. Self talk is where most of my emotional pain comes from (I’m not speaking here of the pain that occurs due to a death or some other disaster; but of the pain that occurs due to growing pains in a sense, and adjustment). I’ve also learned to trust my life more – things that have happened, bad things, have made me the person I am; so trusting that my journey is mine, for me – it can be so hard to let go of what I had hoped for my life, after feeling so robbed. A very difficult thing to do! One of my bonuses is my writing of aphorisms, and my paintings. These things I have received as a payment/compensation for what I have been through – I am grateful for these ‘gifts’. Sometimes we must dig deep to see what we have to offer because of our pain/experiences.

      I hope anyone reading this hasn’t been caused more pain by my words, it’s too easy to say things that ‘kind of’ line up with another’s experience but still not ‘speak to’ that situation well enough – and therefore just cause more pain. *hugs to you* if you are in this situation.


  3. I am constantly saddened at the amount of people who have experienced truly tragic pain (mostly in their childhoods) i meet writing blogs – mostly because it seems so out of kilter with my own childhood experience and awareness (that i would not describe as ‘ideal’ but which compared to so very many others on-line was an absolute cake-walk)

    My pains were more love related and self-inflicted (some times – i understand the self talk idea very very well) and it is only relatively recently i am realising about the melding, the Grace and ‘perfect love’.

    Please be assured nothing you have written has in any way added to what pain i had.. but the hugs felt good all the same! 😉

    If you feel the need, have a <<>> back 🙂

    Humility – a greatly underestimated vitrue, and one poorly understood too, i suspect – do you have any aphorisms on that topic?

    I think Trust and it’s companion Faith probably hold the key to getting that ‘toe-hold’ in the heart full of pain.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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