Why do we not embrace the bitter,

as with the sweet?

The sadness,

as with the joy?


just like it is with colour,

the opposite intensifies the truth of the other.

~ Kelly Hartland

10 thoughts on “Bitter-sweet

  1. If Bob didn’t know the question was rhetorical he’d reply with an answer. 😉

    But Bert’s is as good as any!

    Of course, if we did as the Bible (God) instructs – we would, accepting all things as due in their ‘season’, and giving thanks to Him for all things.

    But that is not the way of most.


    • It amazes me how much that particular scripture remains dormant in the minds of many believers – they’re so busy praying against their reality; it seems almost like a lack of faith to be thankful for ALL things. But – who am I to have an opinion on such a personal aspect of another’s life; such as their faith! Should remain a no-go-zone.


      • Bob agrees – it’s a confoundment alright. 🙂

        It can seem so contradictory – being told to give thanks for ALL things, be they positive or negative, only to then ask God for just the ‘good’ stuff in their lives and being told He wants us to be happy?

        Very few seem to ‘get it’ – or do it for that matter. 😉

        Bob does not agree with the ‘no-go’ zone, more of a ‘no-blame’ zone.

        Bob loves your humility though! 🙂


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