In light of

Do we notice there are parts of ourselves

that can never be accessed?

We are a mystery beyond our own comprehension.

How can I judge myself?

How can I judge you?

If light were cast within, would our mental illumination reveal

shadows of hypocrisy?

Can we bear to see ourselves in this light?

Softened light need not blind us.

~ Kelly Hartland

13 thoughts on “In light of

  1. excellent. I do try and “stay in touch” with those sides of me that hide in the dark mystery of my existence. It’s not easy and it is often uncomfortable – but it is beneficial. I am often less than I think of myself and more than others perceive. We humans are complex. I think that’s one thing that makes us so unique. Of course the trick is then to see the same complexity in others. The same complexity which explains so much of what is perceived as hypocrisy, bigotry, paradox.
    Well written Kelly.


  2. Bob thinks our human eyes are limited to what they can and can’t ‘see’. To see more clearly into the deeper parts of a human being, ourself or others, we need to use other eyes, see things in a different light to that which we see with normally. This is very difficult if we stay stuck in the same human body and are only willing to see the external and obvious.

    Bob thinks we all shine a slightly different light on things, allowing us to catch glimpses now and then of something ‘new’.

    Bob likes Kelly’s light. 🙂


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