Circling shallow waters.

The Beautiful People

are taught to be shallow –

the shallow,

value the beautiful.

~ Kelly Hartland


8 thoughts on “Circling shallow waters.

  1. dear Kelly, what an incisive expression of truth … articulated in a way that has never quite been done before. brilliant, tony


  2. Sounds a little ‘harsh’ to Bob.

    Bob thinks people who only see (value) surface beauty do not look deeply enough – take a shallow view of things

    Bob says surely it is better to see the whole beauty, inner and outer, not merely that that hits the eye from a single perspective?

    and to quote Ray Stevens: … “Everything is beautifuuuuull,
    In it’s own wayyyy.”

    Bob values the beautiful too. 🙂


    • Kelly loves your response here, and agrees.
      Kelly was speaking about those who do not delve deeper; which Bob touched on in Bob’s second line.

      Wow, third person speaking uses a different part of the brain – phew, Kelly thinks it is hard work. 😉


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