Bad practice?

Every dollar spent with a corporation

is an affirmative vote for their method of practice.

What are you voting for?

~ Kelly Hartland


10 thoughts on “Bad practice?

  1. Bob doesn’t vote all that much actually… Of the ones Bob is aware of, he only voted for Coles and Subway this year.
    Bob wonders if not-for-profit corporations count? 🙂


    • Kelly thinks it’s really annoying how many products are made using bad practice – like Palm Oil (they destroy rain forests to grow it), and then there is animal cruelty involved just for our eggs. We vote with our dollar when we buy Free Range eggs, or products that don’t have Palm Oil. If there was a shop/supermarket that did all of that worrying for us, and ONLY sold products from organisations with good practice – they would become rich! Kelly thinks, people want the right thing done. 😉


    • Spinning in thought is better than just spinning. My partner, Richard, felt that my aphorism didn’t make much sense; so I added a couple more words. But secretly… I love it when it reads a little like a riddle – so maybe I’m a terrible person that wants people’s head to spin – in thought… only… I’m sure I don’t REALLY want to see someone’s head spin… or do I? mwa- ha-ha! 😉


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