Converging action

Routine –

cornerstone of efficiency.

~ Kelly Hartland


2 thoughts on “Converging action

  1. I know what you mean, but perhaps qualification is needed because routine in itself does not imply efficiency. Inefficiency can just as easily arise, especially when routines are unquestioned. Local bureaucracies seem to specialise in them. Maybe it’s in the way that routine counteracts the human tendency to inaction and procrastination that the essence lies?


    • You’re right, Peter; routine does not qualify as efficiency – hence why I wrote ‘a’ instead of ‘the’.
      I also agree with your other points – well said.

      I hold my own opinion loosely, which is why I write (usually) with few words. I enjoy the space it gives the reader to form their own opinions from their own perspective. But I do enjoy it when people take the time to interact with their own thoughts on the subject. Thank you for your great comment, Peter. 🙂


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