Speech impediment.

Politeness – a stumbling block to honesty.

~ Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Speech impediment.

  1. Oh this is good. So true. How much is discounted or ignored just because it was presented in a polite manner? I remember a quote from Twin Peaks where one of the characters said, “Always tell the hardest truth first”. Too often we gloss over the hard truth in order to not hurt peoples feelings. Maybe feelings need to be hurt once in awhile to bring real change. Great writing as always.


    • Great thoughts here, mobius!
      I’m one of those people who likes to ‘hear it straight’; I often get frustrated with this invisible shield, that we call politeness.
      Great quote from Twin Peaks ‘Always tell the hardest truth first’ – perfect! 🙂


    • Thanks J.D! You like it a bit ruthless ay? You’ve just reminded me to drop on over to your place – I usually experience a brain shock that ends in a giggle… I wonder if you have any recent Jimmy tales… 🙂


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