Veins of gold.

Medicinal dependence

is to a Pharmaceutical Company,

what interest is to a bank –


~ Kelly Hartland


11 thoughts on “Veins of gold.

  1. Pharma Co’s, Drug Dealers. Both claim to have something to make you feel good, both only make profits by having you come back for more. I wonder what would happen if one day some researcher at a pharma co invented a pill that cured you of every illness, for life?

    Would it go the way of Nikola Tesla’s free electricity? Never see the light of day?


    • Well; my first thought is, the Pharm would pay a lot of money to shut the researcher up – which is along the same wave length as your thought. My second thought is, even if our bodies became cured of every illness; our minds would begin to create new ones. Us human’s seem to ‘need’ a battle to fight… our mutual friend, Rob, is right – ‘human’s are weird’. 😉


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