Doctor’s – SOLD!

It is a corrupt system that sees Doctor’s

educated by the Pharmaceutical Companies.

~ Kelly Hartland


7 thoughts on “Doctor’s – SOLD!

    • Yeah; I doubt this little rant will hurt the Pharm – unfortunately.
      Tomorrow will be back to… normal? Actually, I’m not sure what ‘normal’ looks like, as far as themes generally go, on my blog. 🙂


  1. and of course you realise that here in Australia our ‘regulatory authority’ and i use the term highly advisedly, has to be by law!, 100% funded by said pharma co’s.

    The TGA (Theraputic Goods Administration) does almost no analysis themselves of any item imported into this company but relies almost exclusively on research paid for by P.C.s upon which to base their ‘assessments’ of the safety or otherwise of products we Australians buy for our ‘health’. there being little to no independent research into a huge number of products.


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