Can a mature tree be a source of strength and shelter,

if it had never endured a gale?

~ Kelly Hartland

13 thoughts on “Resiliency

    • elkement – thank you so much for all the encouragement, and re-tweet’s (I’m not very practiced in Tweet land) you have given me over the time.
      What you have said truly is a compliment coming from a mind such as yours. 🙂

      Wow! I made one of your favourite blogs for the year?! 😀


  1. Most definitely!

    Besides the obvious fact that a mature tree that has never endured a severe weather event is STILL a thousand times stronger than i… even an uprooted tree would provide much shelter and inner strengthl and in a flood situation, i’d rather cling to the uprooted tree than be floundering in a vast expanse of water with only my own bouyancy for my survival. 😉

    As to the aphorism, with maturity it’s what you have endured that matters most not what you haven’t. – With age comes wisdom (hopefully) 🙂


      • Of course! 🙂 Whilst i understood the origin (having heard it said, but never personally tested the idea) and intent, i felt obliged to answer the question as i did. For the purpose the aphorism required of the tree. strength and shelter, clearly even a theoretically weak and untested tree is more than able to provide both to those other than itself – no? 🙂

        Now perhaps i may have answered otherwise had the aphorism asked: Can a tree provide strength and shelter from something it has never personally experienced, such as a gale? 😉

        With age we just gain experiences, with maturity, hopefully, we gain wisdom.

        I guess that means i’m a long way off maturity.. whoopee! Mud puddles here i COME! 🙂


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