Self communique

Jealousy is the messenger –

not the message.

~ Kelly Hartland


15 thoughts on “Self communique

    • Wow, when you look at this way; it becomes quite a mind bender – I do like a good mind bender…

      My intention when writing this was to explore how we might focus on the feeling of jealousy, and how we may – by habit, let it inform us. The ‘feeling’ of jealousy is not the whole message; it’s just the messenger – we need to explore further than the feeling and what may be associated with it in that moment.
      Like always, we need to take responsibility for our emotions and let them guide us towards knowing why we think what we think. Jealousy could be a key to within – if we let it.

      But still – I quite like your mind bender approach 🙂 What if the messenger is jealous?!


      • Noooowwww i get your message! 🙂 (and i do agree with that as a good perspective!)

        I may have misled you a little.. i was meaning the messenger Has Jealousy not Is jealous! ( the messenger is more than just the jealousy – but that was not your point you were making – scuse me!) 😉

        But now that you ask the question….

        If the entire messenger is ‘jealous’… hmmmm…
        giving the messenger all that she/he is jealous of may eliminate their jealoussness? But that would eliminate the ‘self’ – is that desirable?

        if giving them that which they are jealous only encourages new jealousies, perhaps, in time, they will see the folly of such continued wanting and not ever changing and they may resolve the jealousness ‘curing’ themselves and opening the way to a new behaviour/feeling/emotion?

        of course, any action toward the jealous messenger would depend upon how the messenger feels about being jealous – if it is doing them any good – or any evil and what they wish to do about each case 😉

        Care to bend some more?


      • I think your explanation covered that topic VERY well 😉 I like where your thoughts took you – they seem logical, and human.
        I’ll see what I post tomorrow – there may be another one with mind bending potential 🙂


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