Boxed in

Religiosity is to faith,

what expectation is to hope.

~ Kelly Hartland

13 thoughts on “Boxed in

  1. I might have to think on that a while…. like most things i am sure one’s perspective and definitions are going to make all the difference to meaning. 😉


    • The great thing about writing with few words, is that it leaves space. The meaning can then be adapted to fit into the world of the reader.
      My intention should only surface if the reader cannot see a doorway within themselves to make the aphorism make sense – that’s when I should elaborate in my comments box… perhaps 😉
      In other words – feel free to share the perspective you see 🙂


  2. i am a very ‘wordy’ person…few words tend to lead to too many misunderstandings for my taste.

    I can think of a nine word sentence that has at least nine completely different meanings.


    • I’d like to read this nine letter word that has nine completely different meanings 🙂

      This is the thing too – I have been known to adopt and then adapt a word into my own intention and meaning; so this doesn’t help others understand much… perhaps I should supply an index of my thoughts on the words I use 😉

      But in this case, ‘Religiosity’ is a system of thought and behaviour, but it is often associated with ‘faith’ – I believe these words to be worlds apart from one another… could just be me…
      I also believe ‘expectation’ and ‘hope’ to be different, however, they seem to be treated the same. So, I was just challenging these ‘thoughts’.


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