Illusion or real?

Self-esteem –

state of mind


state of being?

~Kelly Hartland


11 thoughts on “Illusion or real?

    • I think that the mind is deceptive. It’s valuable of course, and amazing – but, it’s shallow.
      Where as when I step into state of ‘being’ (mind you, I need my mind to remind me to do this ;), so this is where your comment shines), I don’t have to reason or deceive myself in order to ‘feel’, what is essentially joy. Rest. In this place ‘self esteem’ isn’t even a concern. Now to do this in the presence of others, is where it’s valuable.


  1. Are there states of mind? To me mind looks all like process. Mind has runlevels, states of activity like deep sleep, rem, awakened, narcosis, coma and so on. Slef esteem is not one of these states.
    Your state of being is the way you are tuned to reality. I think.
    Then most of us are tuned to reality through mind.
    Self esteem is how we see ourselves, most often through mind, as a mix of pride, shame and fear.
    Does self esteem become unimportant if we stop identifying with mind?
    Just some thoughts …


    • I agree. Although I think that the general belief is that we need to ‘talk’ ourselves into a state of ‘esteem’ – with affirmations and so on.
      I think this to be false. When I leave mind and tune into being – this is a state of truth for me. And to be honest, this state doesn’t care about ‘self esteem’. Which is why I trust it more.


      • indeed! (unfortunately for those without self esteem, it doesn’t work like this – they really need to build it up, possibly through a combination of creativity and meditation – and a lot of talking with counsellors and other angels in their life)


      • Sorry, I had to change my answer – the beauty of commenting on your own site 😉
        The whole time I was away from the computer, my previous response was eating at me a little… so I deleted it, and started again. I feel better now 🙂 – I hope you do too.


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