Contradiction # 3

Fulfilling your own wants and desires,

creates an emptiness within.

~ Kelly Hartland

3 thoughts on “Contradiction # 3

      • ?? You might want to expand on that thought for me? – i don’t believe those in pursuit of ‘self’ must necessarily be isolated from each other (so we are not ‘alone’ in one sense and may find comfort and companionship in those who do as we do) and i do believe that the ultimate realisation we have when we do succeed in the pursuit is that ‘we are all connected’ – intimately at that level, however individual we may like to feel. By way of supporting this belief i find it interesting that most authorities claim the word ‘religion’ comes to us from the Latin, via old French, re-ligio which may translate to: re bind, tie together (again)…. if we all have truly individual souls made from the same ‘essence’ then in finding the self we achieve God’s ultimate purpose of bringing us all back ‘together’. We become One.

        Of course if we associate too closely with others who have not yet found their ‘self’ we may find our pursuit becomes all that more difficult and to a degree some ‘separation’ is required to find the self. In these times (or in any time really) we can find that it can be a ‘lonely’ pursuit i suppose, particularly if we place it as our number one goal.

        ‘One’ is the loneliest number! 😉


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