Which is more important:

an individual as a united complex whole,


a whole lot of united individuals in a complex?

~ Kelly Hartland

10 thoughts on “Complex

    • I’ve blogged this apho a couple of times before; you’re the first person to of commented on it.
      Thank you! – I was wondering if it was making any sense outside of myself.
      I’m with you, I’d prefer to be a united complex whole… but it may depend on the environment I’m in at the time? hmmm…


  1. I think the question itself is about comparing. In this case, there is no context provided so the answer is ‘not this, not that.’
    As a counter question I might ask: “What is more important, a rat or an ants nest?”
    Comparison leads to black and white thinking. Choice leads to frustration.
    There is a rainbow of possibilities that are all equally important from a rainbow of perspectives.
    I like it that you tickled my reactive brain. 🙂
    Have fun and Be love.


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