Born encumbered

There is no such thing

as a free mind.

~ Kelly Hartland


15 thoughts on “Born encumbered

    • Yeah, I think to a certain extent that freedom is an illusion/delusion.
      If we take a moment to listen to the mind – we would find many thoughts that we haven’t chosen… I think we may also discover thoughts we didn’t know existed within ourselves.

      You have a great day too mobius 🙂


    • Me too Chatty! 🙂

      When I wrote this piece, I was coming from this perspective: From our moment in the womb, we have been influenced – our mother’s emotions alone would have been an influence. Then there was baby-hood, child-hood etc. I cannot comprehend in how many ways my mind may have been influenced – from this perspective, I gather my mind isn’t free; it has never been a clean slate.


      • A perspective we have in common KH 🙂
        So re: your opening comment – do you see a ‘Free mind’ as a desirable thing at all? (albeit now a near impossible one).

        To me a truly ‘free mind’ would be a chaotic one with no guidance, no structure, no learned experiences, no ‘consistency’.

        Latest neuro-science shows the brain has neuro-plasticity. – previously learned behaviour patterns can be added to, deleted, replaced and amended at any point in out lives, neurons can be taught to fire along new developing pathways through immersion in the right environment pr practiced behaviours. The trick is to explore the mind/self and ways to modify what no longer serves us as well as it once did ( if it ever did!).

        Most of us though i fear will settle for having the relative ‘freedom’ of choosing to take and keep or reject what learning we wish from whatever past and present experiences – real world and imagined – our senses provide to our brain.

        Seldom does a mind develop even to that stage, in my experience/perspective.

        I’ll stick to: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ 🙂


      • Well, to answer your question: I actually enjoy the puzzles that my pre-programmed mind has provided me with – it has kept me writing for years now.
        Great info here Bob – great comment, I love what you’ve shared.
        I know that in order to conquer some of my pre-programmed sh*t I’ve had to think up a DELIBERATE thought to take its place – my habit kind of lines up with your info 🙂


      • Thank you for your kindness KH ( or may i call you K?) 😉

        Lets hope you continue writing on the musings of your ‘fettered’ brain for many years to come!
        Our brains truly are amazing objects and science is only beginning to see just what ours are capable of – how far they can be ‘stretched’/

        Did you know, with the aid of a little modern technology, our brains can learn to ‘see’ using only input to our TONGUES? ( or other sensitive areas of our skin) – or that we are even capable of developing totally NEW senses!? One of which was demonstrated when subjects were taught how to recognise electro-magnetic fields so as to be able to navigate a course using only that sense alone! The theory was based upon the ability some birds like homing pigeons are believed to posses ( possibly all birds)

        Who knows how ‘free’ we may learn to make our minds – one day?


      • I’ve been well. I’m studying everything from world gender stratification to history of the US constitution. I have one short fiction that is near ready for publication. Meeting with a literary professor tomorrow to go over the additional details. I’ve also started a new blog – we’ll see if I can embarrass myself with bad writing. 🙂


      • Well! 🙂
        That’s great J. – it sounds like your moving steadily towards something big.
        I cannot imagine you embarrassing yourself with bad writing – from this perspective it doesn’t seem possible.


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