Remaining beauty

Only in the mystery of a person,

can the essence of their beauty reside.

~ Kelly Hartland


10 thoughts on “Remaining beauty

  1. Absolutely. Great thought!
    Like a painting, things can be interpreted so many ways, depending on the interpreter and all of their experiences, their complexities, their enlightenment. For me, I read this and it fits like a puzzle with the *feeling* I’ve had, but have never been able to articulate, when I let someone get to know me too quickly.


    • Ha! I was nearly going to write to you the same line that you wrote to me; Absolutely. Great thought! πŸ™‚

      At some point we need to ‘choose’ ourselves, don’t we? To be our own best friend*… does this make sense outside of me?
      I’ve come to a place where I just leave a little reserved for me; just for me.
      Journaling helps me do this, I think.

      *Although having a few friends we can confide in is important too – we are built for community, you and I πŸ˜‰


      • Of course! I, for example, travel quite often and although I used to, I stopped putting stuff like that on social media bc i felt my life’s details were overspent. wheres the mystery about me? Now, I LOVE that no one knows where in the world I am. “Where I am” is just for me. (Of of many examples)

        Give a little to writing, to family, friends, work, community, guys, this and that. thats a lot!! But leaving just a little for yourself is a smart move I think. If you give all of you away, what do YOU have left? πŸ™‚


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