Contradiction #4

To attain happiness,

we must first risk becoming miserable.

~ Kelly Hartland


4 thoughts on “Contradiction #4

    • Life can feel huge in these moments!

      And fear is tricky to get our heads around – fear prevents us from doing something that can result in death, and yet, it can also be triggered when something ordinary happens – it’s just not reliable!

      All I know mobius; in my experience, I’ve hurt most whilst trying to keep me safe. xo


  1. Perhaps a turn of praise…We must live through some misery in order to understand what happiness can be.

    I once read about a poet who basically had an wonderful childhood and felt that their writing was worth while. And that it might have been. But I doubted that they could have the same emotional background without knowing how to or to have suffered.


    • There you go – you’ve just written a good aphorism 🙂

      I wrote this to challenge myself. I had arrived at my ‘cross-road’ moment; to take a risk, in which all may go wrong and lead to misery, or, it may go right and result in happiness.


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