Life is an enigma to comprehend –

as soon as I think I have it pieced together,

it crumbles into reality.

~ Kelly Hartland


9 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. Sheesh this perfectly expresses my life experience.
    I sometimes think I live in a ongoing state of bemusement and befuddlement where clarity only serves as punctuation marks. Maybe I’m just an old flibbertigibbet.


  2. My favourite Author, the late Douglas Adams, once wrote that a group of beings believed that the Universe had originally been designed for sentient beings to try to understand fully but that as soon as they did it would be destroyed and something more bizarre and inexplicable would take it’s place! He went on to state that there were some who believed this had already happened! 🙂

    Anyone who thinks like him can’t be all bad! Despite your previous penchant for canvas abuse 😉


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