Fallible by design

Faith in humanity

is like looking one way

on a one-way street.

~ Kelly Hartland

8 thoughts on “Fallible by design

    • Thanks for liking it anyway driftersonline 😀
      Actually I’m surprised when anyone gets what I write!
      The other thing is, I worded this aphorism so that it could carry a couple of meanings.
      One meaning could be; when we cross a one way street, and don’t look both ways before crossing – this is faith that some idiot isn’t going to be driving the wrong way and collect us.
      The other meaning has spiritual connotations to it – which then links back into the first meaning I mentioned.

      But really I aim to write in such a way that may leave space for you to come up with your own meaning – I want the words to be a door way into the reader… I think this should be the way for any art actually 🙂


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