Wisdom in naivety

Wisdom is an island,

with lakes of knowledge

and rivers of experience.


even wisdom must regard

the ocean of naïvety

that relentlessly transpires upon it.

~ Kelly Hartland

16 thoughts on “Wisdom in naivety

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  1. I tried to read this last night when I was tired when nothing was making sense. From what I can see, our wisdom though complex and lush is still small in comparison to God’s vast wisdom. God’s ocean of vastness is our naivety?


    • Hey by the way, I love your first interpretation – it’s beautiful! I try to word my aphorisms in such a way, so that people can draw from themselves to interpret it. And I love how you’ve read!
      And yes, in my mind naivety also carries the meaning of innocence. It also means (according to my beloved thesaurus) unaffected, unsophisticated, unpretentious, unpretending,trusting, simple-minded et cetera.

      I love the idea of challenging the way we think of wisdom. I believe that the truly wise wouldn’t discard, or overlook, what the rest of us may. I believe that someone who is wise would look to a child; and learn.


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