Transparent cover

An individuals state of mind is seen

in the composition of their clothing.

~ Kelly Hartland



8 thoughts on “Transparent cover

    • I know – I know; we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But it’s too interesting a thought to ignore.
      I believe that we dress ourselves to the rhythm of our subconscious.

      I used to dress like a whore. I did so, not deliberately – it just ‘felt’ right. I wasn’t even trying to get the attention of men – in fact I used to resent their attention. It wasn’t until years later did I acknowledge that I had been used from a young age, I dressed according to how I had learnt to see myself.
      If we are going to judge another – it should only be done through the filter of compassion and wonder. Any harsh judgment shows ignorance towards ourselves and our own human experience.

      Thank you mobius for sharing your kind heart 🙂 I agree.


  1. This is such an interesting concept. I feel that as I age how one keeps themselves up matters a great deal. When you are young clothes are rebellion and statement. When you are old clothes are a commitment to routine and life.


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