Contradiction #5

Hope –

life’s bland without it;

reality’s distorted with it.

~ Kelly Hartland

Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)


10 thoughts on “Contradiction #5

  1. Thank you for your responses.

    I found it odd that you went to the trouble of re-titling this aphorism; then you re-wrote it, and then signed it with your own name. Seemed like a blatant act of thievery to me.

    And then to re-write it better than I had initially – damn you! 😉


    • Hi Kelly,

      I like, admire and commend your poetic output and insight, and would not have bothered to give anyone of your aphorisms a different spin, a new perspective or a new lease of life in some way, shape or form, had I not found many of yours to be quite valid or valuable in one way or the other.

      I was tossing between titling my new aphorism either as “Contradiction #5A” or “Contradiction #6” in considering it to be either a fork or a continuation of the series of contradictions. It can be both.

      As for your question on the quotes on my blog, I’ll answer you later as I need to attend to some matters first. Thank you.

      Much love and respect to you! 🙂


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