Contradiction #14

My distrust in others

is directly proportionate with

my distrust in self;


my trust in self

is disproportionate with

my trust in others.

~ Kelly Hartland

Inspired by pennycoho:


6 thoughts on “Contradiction #14

  1. Yes, us “knowers” so distant from who we are. And then we we define ourselves in a moment in front of an other, a so called self and we are reminded how we trust friends, strangers, to be a gauge of who we are and then we obliterate that because it gets smothering, their reflected appraisals that we celebrate because they gratify ego. I’m rambling Kelly, about to go out and enjoy new year and hopefully a new self – that trusts in instinct disproportionately.


  2. Hi Kelly,

    I’m not sure as to whether this aphorism can be suitably valid or substantiated. If X is directly proportional (or proportionate) to Y, then Y is also directly proportional (or proportionate) to X.

    Let’s say X=2Y then Y=0.5X

    Of course, one can always retort or argue that this aphorism is not about or based on science, mathematics, empiricism or logic, and that it is about or based on the emotional, psychological, existential, phenomenological, spiritual and/or metaphysical.

    In any case, I understand that it is about (self-)deception, delusion and perception with respect to trust.

    All things being equal, and in general, an aphorism that also possesses or exhibits scientific, mathematical, empirical and/or logical validity or truth tends to be more valid, reliable, binding, cogent, authentic, compelling, sound, defensible, justifiable, superior, comprehensive and/or universal.


  3. Trusting others became a non issue – after I began to make safer decisions for myself; when my trust in self increased.
    It was an interesting observation about myself. How often do I judge others according to my own lack or abundance?

    And yet a skill that I posses may increase my trust in self, and is therefore disproportionate to the trust I place in others.

    It was an interesting contradiction – so I wrote it down.

    I wonder if a contradiction could be equatable and reliable – gee, that would take the fun out it.


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