Steered expectations.

Education is to a mind,

what a bridle is to a horse.

~ Kelly Hartland


5 thoughts on “Steered expectations.

  1. Excellent analogy. As with all things, our perception dictates our concept of the educated mind; for one to be truly educated, they must understand, that they truly know nothing. We must always examine what it is we are being educated about, and whether or not that education is diluted with fallacies. (Great blog, and excellent thoughts.)


  2. Qualify that with “mandated education” . 🙂 As a now retired teacher, my approach & my wife’s approach, has been to see education is to the mind as the beckoning horizon is to the horse. Then again we both felt what was outside the box was as important, if not more, than what was in the box. After all what was in the box are the tools for getting out of it. 😀


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