Making a killing.

Medicinal dependence is to a pharmaceutical company,

what interest is to a bank –


~ Kelly Hartland


3 thoughts on “Making a killing.

  1. This opinion of mine, is a comment about the harm that excessively prescribed medications can have – and the attitude that lurks behind the scenes.

    I do understand that some of you, may very well be alive today because of pharmaceutical companies.

    Cheers, K.


  2. I totally agree with you.
    Medical science should not be confused with pharmaceutical business. They are two different entities. It is unfortunate the the business has found it so easy to profit from the science.

    I think culturally we’ve developed a dependence on medicine because thanks to all the advertising we’ve become convinced that there is a pill for all our problems. I’m even curious if we’ve made ourselves sicker as a result of this creating a repeating self-fulfilling prophecy cycle. It’s big business. I personally don’t buy into this cycle. While I’m not what would be described as physically fit, I do exercise and am literally healthier now than when I was in my twenties and in better physical shape. By the grace of God, I have not even had a cold or flu in over 7 years – I’m convinced that it’s because I refuse to buy into medical sales pitch. But enough about me. Hope you are healthy and well. Peace.


  3. I agree with you too mobius, fantastic comment.

    I’m also concerned with, what I perceive as, our passive attitude – this drug will do this for me. Instead of taking responsibility for where our own powers lie.

    You tell the doctor your depressed – he just so happens to have a ‘sample’ for you to try in his top drawer. How about that! It is the same product name that is on his pen, mouse-pad, screen saver, etc. It may also cause side effects, such as… depression and suicidal feelings, hmmm.

    We are taught to fear this emotion – depression. (Now, I understand that there is clinical depression, and probably a lot of other depression’s that I don’t understand… please forgive my ignorance).
    But for me – I believe I depress for good reason; it takes hindsight for me to see the possible why’s though. I believe it to be a useful emotion, an emotion that scares me… but what scares me more, is the idea that I am a passive victim to this thing. No-thank-you.


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