Eluded Pursuit.

An eluded emotion will pursue –

a pursued emotion will elude.

~ Kelly Hartland


6 thoughts on “Eluded Pursuit.

    • Thanks Jenny.

      You know that moment? – when you are aware of a powerful invading emotion, so you try to distract yourself?
      This realisation came to me during one of those moments. Instead of distracting myself with writing through it, like I would of normally, I instead decided to let it be, and ‘feel’.
      So I sat still, without giving the feeling any thoughts… and it just vanished. And I thought to myself – ‘I have been running from this powerful, scary emotion for how many years!’
      … Then I wrote the above aphorism.


  1. Makes me wonder how much of what we are scared of exists only in our mind. I experienced the opposite, that I tried to feel an emotion that wasn’t there. You can’t fake or deny emotions. Your latest aphorism follows on beautifully.


    • For sure, it really is worth wondering about! We can live in the lap of luxury – and be in hell.
      Exploring, and then challenging our own perceptions, is the key out of that hell.

      Hey yah, Silent restraint does follow well – quite by accident actually. Thanks for pointing that out, and for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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