Self appeased giving.

It is selfish

not to live up to your full potential.

~ Kelly Hartland

2 thoughts on “Self appeased giving.

  1. Our life is a unique journey which cannot be comprehended by ourselves, and especially not by another.

    My aphorism’s simply question and challenge myself and what I observe. Out of this place I share my writings.

    People, generally, tend to think that only becoming what is necessary is the least selfish of paths. I am simply questioning this perception.

    What if what lays dormant within you could nourish another soul?
    Of course, this one dimensional thought is romantic. But I believe our lives require us to walk blind, and to not be too concerned for what we cannot comprehend about ourselves – however, freedom from our own self made restrictions – taking responsibility for our own thoughts and belief’s, would be a start.


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