Offended by… self.

If to take offence

is 10% actuality,

and 90% actualised fear –

who’s the offender?

~ Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Offended by… self.

  1. Wow. Seriously! Wow. I needed this. This point of view has left me awe struck. So I take offense to something, and 10% is really the being offended and the other 90% is just me feeling fear… and for me the fear is that the other person has some underlying meaning (that I have perceived) and that is what I took offense to. And that underlying meaning most likely always has something to do with my insecurity. Like they are making fun of me, or making fun of someone else, or they are teasing me, or they don’t like me. Am I getting this right? Understanding it right? ALL SELF IMPOSED. Ugh. Wow Kelly. Thank you a million times for this.


    • Hi Dana, I’m tearing up a bit as I’m typing this actually – I’m grateful for your response, and for your open gratitude.

      You have nailed it.

      What I have noticed during the study of… me, is that when I feel offended by another person, it’s because they have tapped into something that I believe about myself, some deep fear. Now that I am aware of this, I get curious when I notice that I am offended, I see it as an opportunity.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Dana.


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