Contradiction #1

The more interesting your inner life –

the less interesting your semblance.


© Kelly Hartland


8 thoughts on “Contradiction #1

      • I think it isn’t a prerequisite, but it might be a nurturing factor in some people. Certainly you can have an “interesting appearance” and still have an active thought life, but I was thinking more along the lines of someone restricted socially who loses their self in their inner world, where again, one does not necessarily follow the other, but would be conducive to it.


      • I would agree with everything you have said here. Great comment.

        I think that, in some instances, whatever our struggle may be in life – an asset to our character can be born out of it.
        If we were to study the lives of those, that we may perceive as possessing, some coveted wisdom – I believe we would also find a life of struggles; struggles that would certainly NOT be coveted. Great prices are paid for these gifts.


      • “Great prices are paid for these gifts.”

        That is so true. I have to wonder if sometimes when all is said and done, if the person who paid the price looks back on it as worth it, or regrets it?


      • I believe there would be an overwhelming grief. Grief for what is possibly lost, and/or how their journey had been altered away from their hopes. Away from what they perceived ‘others’ had.
        There would be great regret.

        Eventually, gratitude would NEED to be an option, so that you could find life – otherwise, who could ‘live’.

        To discover gifts, hidden along the path that you’d never hoped to walk, would become the balance.

        Gratitude is very powerful; how many of us would be lost without it… It can seem such an abstract thing to say though – gratitude.


  1. I don’t know what your education is, or what your natural proclivities are, but it’s certain that you understand human nature. I’m impressed. I applied what you wrote above to my own life and it is true. Then I applied it to others I know and it works with them as well. For myself, it wasn’t until my later years that gratitude has become more prevalent in my life and as a result, I am happier.


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