Entertained To Distraction.

Why are we such an entertained people?

Are we being distracted from something within ourselves


something outside of ourselves?

And by whom?


(C) Kelly Hartland

16 thoughts on “Entertained To Distraction.

  1. Because we are hiding from the truth, and the pain.

    We want to be distracted because it’s too painful to face the truth.

    It is easier to remain ignorant.

    We need to learn the truth of the pain, acknowledge it and fill our aching longing it with the only Person that can satisfy our longings and desires……



  2. I think we all are afraid of the internal journey and so distract ourselves. Afraid of what we will find about ourselves, our fears, the ‘bits’ we don’t like, our compulsions or brokenness. Ironically, freedom lies in seeing it, embracing it and giving it to God for healing. Regards Leanne


  3. i think. i say to myself: keep focus, concentrate
    believe you can. God gives me the way. Distraction i desire distraction but don’t find explanation or reasons to understand. There are so many things to act with reason.


      • You shan’t be disappointed! Another of my favourites: “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of man-kind.”


      • I just read some quotes of Henry David Thoreau – I love his words, thank you for introducing me! My only problem is this… I fear reading the aphorisms/quotes of others – even though I adore it and even crave it. I fear that I will subconsciously write an aphorism based on another writers work… I hate that thought.


      • Hmm, well, the way I see it; if you’re not basing your words on someone else’s, then you’re basing them on nature. Nature includes people’s words, so, by loosely held consequence, all thoughts/ideas/aphorisms are rooted in nature’s/somebody else’s pastures. Ergh, I don’t know what I just said.


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