Illusion or Real?

Self-esteem –

state of mind


state of being?


(C) Kelly Hartland


3 thoughts on “Illusion or Real?

    • I have thought the same thing… but then I wonder by thinking back to a few of my different states of mind; which one had felt more real?
      I have operated under thoughts that have kept me elevated in esteem, but that world can crash so easily. I have also lived with more of a ‘being present’ state that has required less self talk – and I’ve got to say, it’s restful, and it feels better.
      … but then I am also aware of this state, and then receive ‘feedback’ with my thoughts – these thoughts also support my self esteem… so it probably is a state of both, however I feel that the ‘being’ state of self esteem feels more real for me.


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