Prescribed Prescriptions

It is a corrupt system that sees our doctors

educated by the pharmaceutical companies.


(C) Kelly Hartland


9 thoughts on “Prescribed Prescriptions

  1. I ran a health store for a couple of years & one time a young doctor was in there asking me questions about vitamins and herbs– He admitted that most doctors receive between 40 – 100 hours of training on natural remedies / natural nutrition! They cannot patent anything that occurs naturally!


  2. Sad but true!
    There’s some good documentaries you can find on youtube about this. Pretty eye opening! Really scary to think so many vulnerable people put their trust into these people. Obviously not all doctors are corrupt/greedy for money, but the rest….


      • yeah, I totally agree. Assuming that what I’ve seen and read about how pharmaceutical companies operate is true, unless doctors and other health professionals are well read/educated on the issue, information provided by these companies can be very misleading (and sometimes unethical deliberately so!)


      • Yeah I did! I mean, i don’t know to what extent because I’ve never been involved in the industry (other than as a consumer), but I’m well aware that it happens. And occasionally you hear about scandals. I think it’s frightening to think that peoples health is used (or ignored) for the sake of sales.
        it’s a business to them. that’s all it is.


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