Hunted Heart.

An eluded emotion will pursue –

a pursued emotion will elude.


(C) Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Hunted Heart.

    • Thanks Daphne. I experimented with myself when I had this incredible sadness overwhelm me – normally I would journal through this, or write an aphorism, to make sense of what I am feeling. But this one time I actually decided to let it ‘be’. So I sat with it. I decided to not label it or commentate about it inside my head in any way. I just let it ‘be’… the most amazing thing happened… it just… well… evaporated… I’m just sitting there thinking ‘this is it? This is what I have been running from ALL of these years’? pfft! nothing to be scared of!
      … and THEN I wrote this aphorism, because it spun me out.


      • That had to be difficult, to say the least. Perception plays such a vital role, I don’t think we really think about it until we sit down like you did. Mulling things over is harder than just reacting. 😉


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