Self – Dimly Clear

Humility is the act of reflecting clearly

into a dim mirror.


(C) Kelly Hartland

4 thoughts on “Self – Dimly Clear

  1. i’m writing about “humility” today myself….we have all heard the word,…but do we “really” know how deep it’s meaning really is??? from God’s point of view???

    โ€œBlessed are the poor in spirit,……..for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    on first read, the “poor in spirit” could easily sound like these (poor) are the people, who are so beaten down and tired,…but, actually,…the word “spirit” is the same as the word “attitude”……..poor in spirit,…simply means having a,…truly humble attitude,…pride is the opposite of humility….a prideful spirit would be arrogance. arrogant self esteem blinds us from seeing God, and, it also blinds us from “seeing” a “reason” to even look for Him in the first place.

    pride, is one of the “seven deadly sins”,…when we look those 7 up,…and then, when we find the “opposite” definitions of the words in the “seven deadlies”,…then we have the path to walk with God.

    there are so many words that need a (much) deeper definition, to be truly understood.


    • I agree with you johnedoe about how many of us don’t really understand the meaning of the word ‘humility’.

      For me, I find humility at its most sharpest point when I look upon another person in a fault finding way – and then recognise within myself the same fault, but in a different flavour. It happens EVERY time. I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. jesus is so cool!!! check this one out! he loves to have fun while showing us basic, simple, yet rock solid principles of what it takes for (our) faith to have a lively power to it……thus we will be truly and joyfully free!!! ok,….here it is,….jesus tells us (commands???) to,…”ESTEEM, “EVERY” MAN MORE HIGHLY THAN YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”,…..?????????????……..DDDOOOOOOOOOO WWHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTT???!!!!!!


    oh gee,….that’s easy to do huh???????? hhhhmmmmm adolph hitler,…….jeffery dahmer,…….dr phil,….(i had to throw him in there!!!)………..yup,….he said every man,…he means,…every man,…………..

    now,……here is the most powerfully cool part of the why!!!!!!! actually,….toss me a couple of your thoughts on why,….and i’ll be back soon,..ok????


    • Ha! okay johnedoe ๐Ÿ™‚ Such restraint to not say why ๐Ÿ˜‰

      My thoughts on the reason why it may be a good thing to esteem another person more highly than myself, is so that my heart – the core of who I am – may remain/become soft.
      If my heart is hard than I become cut off from myself, I won’t be able to hear my true self, and therefore others. A soft heart also helps me to hear God, allows me to be moved with compassion.

      But sometimes the way in which to feel compassion for others is to feel compassion for ourselves (not pity), and sometimes in order to esteem another person highly we also need to esteem ourselves highly – not in a false way, but with compassion towards our own faults and humanity. Comprehending how fallible we ALL are.

      From this place I desire and recognise my need for my God.

      What were your thoughts johnedoe?


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